Reflected XSS Vulnerability in Polaris’ Intellect Core Banking Software Version 9.7.1 [CVE-2018-14875]

[+] Credits: Neeraj Kumar, Hai Dang Long
[+] Email:


Polaris’ Intellect Core Banking, Core and Portal Module

Affected Version: 9.7.1

Vulnerability Type:
Cross site scripting - Reflected XSS

CVE Reference:

Vulnerability Details:
Polaris’ Intellect Core Banking Software, the Core and Portal Modules are vulnerable to reflected XSS vulnerability within Customerid, formName, FrameId, MODE Parameters. Application does not sanitize user-supplied inputs and renders injected JavaScript code to the user's browser. Attackers use this vulnerability to inject malicious JavaScript code such as hijack user sessions, malicious redirect, deface web sites, insert hostile content, redirect users, hijack the user’s browser using malware, etc.
Note: This is vulnerable only with authenticated session.

XSS Exploit code(s):

Affected Component:
Parameters Name: Customerid, formName, FrameId, MODE

1. Login into the site.
2. Goto Core and Portal Modules Section.
3. Put <script>alert("document.cookie")</script> in vulnerable parameters i.e. Customerid, formName, FrameId, MODE.
4. Hit enter you will get the "cookie value" pop up.

Figure: Reflected XSS

Disclosure Timeline:
Vendor Notification: 17 June 2018
Mitre Notification: 3 August 2018
Public Disclosure: 31 March 2019

Attack Type:

Impact Code execution:

Impact Information Disclosure:

Request Method(s): [+] Get
Vulnerable Product: [+] Polaris’ Intellect Core Banking, Core and Portal Modules
Vulnerable Parameter(s): [+] Customerid, formName, FrameId, MODE


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