Session Fixation- Smart Vista SVFE-2 Module [CVE-2018-15208]

[+] Credits: Neeraj Kumar, Raj Kumar Yadav, Hai Dang Long
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Smart Vista

Smartvista Front-End (SVFE)- Version 2

Vulnerability Type:
Session Fixation

CVE Reference:

Vulnerability Details:
Smartvista is a suite of payment infrastructure and management systems created by BPC Group. It is vulnerable session fixation attack as a valid session of an existing user can be compromised by performing Man in the Middle attacks. An attacker can gain full access to the victim’s account and thus can perform malicious activities on his behalf.

POC Code-
Attacker Browser: Google Chrome
Victim Browser:  Mozilla Firefox

1. To fix the session attacker will first get the valid session cookie from the login page and craft it in link and later he will send it to victim using below payload,

Attacker Cookie:   
< klzxhyVQNnz2vSMKTG5TLpn97JCBp03HyThWKqbQrLv3hRCv9nLY!936852909>

Payload to be sent: 
document.cookie='JSESSIONID= klzxhyVQNnz2vSMKTG5TLpn97JCBp03HyThWKqbQrLv3hRCv9nLY!936852909;path=/;domain=<Target Domain>’;alert('Session fixed');

2. If victim clicks on this payload the session cookie gets appended in the browser. Once victim load the target application the appended cookie where application accepts the attacker's session cookie and used throughout the session without change. Attacker now fix the above cookie in his browser and set the landing page in URL.
Disclosure Timeline:
Vendor Notification: 17 June 2018
Mitre Notification: 08 August 2018
Public Disclosure: 31 March 2019

Attack Type:

Impact Code execution:

Impact Information Disclosure


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